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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  January 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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on eyewitness news this morning orange county deputies are looking for 3 people armed home invaders. we are asking the sears what they know about the suspects. >> he hit him like he moved to the side so he wouldn't run him over. >> a car hit at an injured a 3- year-old boy who was trying to get to the ice cream man. the search for the driver whenever stopped to help. >> tracking cold temperatures and central florida. we will tell you where people could see frost this morning. good morning. 6 am, tuesday, january 12. >> we check weather and traffic every 10 mins. deneige broom with the commute and started with certified
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>> 30s, 40s and freeze warnings. marion flagler counties some spots could get near freezing. zooming you into volusia county. tracking temperatures this morning. dropping off to 43 in daytona beach and daytona beach shores. debary, classic data, the land swinging through samsula across 44, 40 degrees. water pictures new numbers coming in the mid-30s in ocala, 36 to 39 the villages 43 orlando. the chile's onto azalea park 46 my friends in kissimmee through melbourne and palm bay. scattered flowers -- clouds and another day with a lot of sun shine -- sun take a peek bundle up this morning and here is a planner. you want to go with pants instead of shorts because by 2:00 near 16.
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by the evening again. moore county's in the frost -- we will take you through moore county's and track more. i-4 westbound at world drive in kissimmee this is the drive -- the crash should also you down but they will be out there tried to get the truck completely told out. and volusia county, port orange, if you take i-95 southbound and plan to exit at taylor road, take another exit because right now they have that blocked off for roadwork. developing this morning, the search is on for the driver who hit a 3-year-old and kept going. the little boy was standing outside and ice cream truck on cypress street on cypress st., winter garden where kimberly eiten is likely police are looking for the driver but they are ready found his car. >> reporter: nancy police say the driver ditched his car
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this is where he hit the little boy hard enough to knock him into someone's yard. we are asking police if they wheel. officers have the car but not the driver accused of slamming into 3-year-old daniel monsalve a and taking off. his brother was standing by him outside and ice cream truck in their neighborhood when a car night. >> the car was coming fast and hit my brother on the headlight of the car on the corner in my brother, like, flew to the grass like that. >> that is where daniel stayed at the driver went around him and ditched the scene. his brother says it is also when an unlikely hero jumped into action. >> the ice cream man and got the license plate. he helped the slot. >> reporter: skywitness 9 was over as emergency responders used the tip to track down the
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officers recovered his call -- car at lodge 1 mile away with the driver missing this one, we are asking police if they have any idea who they are looking for. who they think hit the 3-year- old hard enough to send him to the hospital and then just driveway. daniels family says he is doing okay. he is recovering this morning coming up in the next 30 minutes i will tell you what they think could have prevented the crash to begin with. live in winter garden, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. searching for a missing autistic teenager who could be in danger. lehman. they dropped her off at belleview high school one they found her walking away from the since. the search is on in orange county for 3 suspects forced their way into a home. last night at 11 we to you at the scene at broken pine circle near hiawassee and clarcona ocoee roads.
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get the working to get more information from investigators works and in the last hour would put in a call to the overnight watch commander here to ask a few more questions about what happened and where the investigation stands. we know 3 people were at the home on broken pine circle when this happened last night. it was after 9:00 in the iowa see hills area. we drove by this morning but did not see any signs of the scene where investigations were last night but we know deputies want to find the 3 armed suspects they say force their way inside and were able to steal things from the home. we are asking deputies what specifically was taken but we do know that includes a car. working to find out whether investigators have recovered the car overnight or if it is at least helping them to track down the suspects for the next half-hour. live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning.
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the 2016 legislative session today and expected to include heated discussions over issues such as open carry for guns, gambling and tax cuts. some republicans say this year will be smoother. last year lawmakers did not pass the state budget until after multiple special sessions and the threat of a government shutdown. president obama is expected to deliver his last state of the union address tonight. expected to focus more on unfinished business rather than a list of policy initiatives. the president is also expected to talk about the economy's recovery, the report will care act, and foreign-policy. what i want to focus on in this state of the union address, on just the remarkable promise we made not just what i want to get done of your head- butt what we all need to do to gather in the years to come. >> coverage of the speech will begin on 9 pm. governor scott will get the state of the state address today.
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committee heard of visitation of the proposal yesterday but he wants $1 billion in tax cuts but some state lawmakers have already said it will be impossible to accomplish. we could find out today in orange county teenager accused of running over and sees the injuring and orlando police officer will be able to get out of jail. prosecutors say this dashcam video from july shows edward kelty running down officer william anderson at a traffic stop. county's attorney says he should be granted bond so he can await trial at home. his mother testified saying he was injured but to bullets came into the window of the car he was driving. officer anderson's wife testified and described her husband's ongoing medical issues. >> he has nightmares almost every single evening. he still cannot pick up our 3- year-old daughter nor hold her. >> the judge is reviewing the video evidence and expects to issue a ruling today. we will let you know what
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attorneys back in a marion county attorneys back in a marion county court, bridgers election in the child or teenager convicted of helping to lure a teen to his death. 19-year-old amber writes conviction was overturned in 2014 when the court found out she was not properly read her miranda rights. right is one of 5 teens accused of luring 15-year-olds that jackson to a marion county home in 2011. he was beaten, shot and burned. low income families and seminole county may soon be able to get help purchasing county commissioners expected to vote on whether to provide assistance. a pass, the 64 gallon containers will be available for families with an income out of the loop the poverty line. residents who qualify will have to fill out an application to get one. we will let you know what happens on eyewitness news at noon. a new veterans cemetery is opening this week in cape canaveral. today the va will hold a private ceremony at cape canaveral national cemetery on
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veterans receiving military honors. tomorrow the cemetery will officially open for the burial of all is -- eligible veterans, spouses or dependence. the cemetery is expected to serve need of more than 163,000 veterans over the next century. orlando police need your help making sure the area's homeless are warm. you can drop off blankets and coats at opd's headquarters on s. healy avenue. on your way to work this morning 7-9 am, be able to pull up in front of the building and a police officer will collect the blankets and coats from your car. this. the officers will then hand them out to many people in the community who could use coats and blankets. smash especially this morning. weather and traffic every ten minutes.. >> we was see a cold one tonight. i'm getting pictures of the frost sent in. linda, paisley, you can see her car with frost. she has to scrape the window.
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your pictures and i'm on facebook. i will pass along your pictures and temperatures on tv. your home. county by county, spots in lake county, the villages roland park sorrento mount dora altoona mineola clermont groveland a mix of 30s and 40s. back through orlando toward independence, all of the temperatures in the 40s. 7 two-year, apopka, 38 and it feels colder but the winds. staying cool today, 63+ tonight, another round of patchy frost on the way. we will track the cold weather tonight it could be colder in spots and strong storms now in the outlook. 610, deneige? >> crashes. the first one is turnpike northbound where you pass the 417 exit. this is not blocking the road. they haven't moved off but checking in along the 417 in a different spot, southbound university. they have been able to get the
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minutes ago. looking good both northbound and southbound along the 417. jamie? a major breakthrough in the fight against cancer. a procedure that could help protect donors trying to make the test of reality. a dangerous jet fuel spill at oia. a warning for orange county
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oooh, i think i saw dessert! hey! steven stay strong! to eat you? honey, he didn't say that! don't fight your instincts! p try our lemon bars, brownies, and cheesecakes. t fiber one. good morning i'm nancy alvarez. 6:14 am. a live look a downtown orlando another chilly morning.
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will let you know what you can expect for the rest of the day and week full check of the weather and traffic had. >> we now know the name of the men found unconscious at a brevard county neighborhood. neighbors have confirmed this is a picture of 67-year-old german radio. we told you one week ago his granddaughter was school for help alerting neighbors in mims something was wrong. neighbors say they heard an argument moments before they found him lying in the streets. >> a special a nice and quiet, don't bother anybody person. >> paramedics rushed him to the hospital last week we have not got an update. we had been asking the sheriff's office spokesperson for an update on whether this is the sisters. so far we have not gone response. a brevard county, police say groberg were homeowner shot at -- a burglar homeowner shot at. his part of the intruder in his garage and fired his weapon. 11th avenue. yesterday. please do not know the person with hit. they say the suspect took off
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door driven by a 2nd suspect. lucia county officials considering moving a homeless camp to a daytona beach was terminal. we told you county officials wanted the city to address the large number of homeless people that been gathering in the county administration building on beech street. city leaders agreed to move them to the bus terminal one won -- brockway but it could take a few more weeks before the county actually follow through. drivers in orange county could be getting ticketed at a busy intersection. yellow light times turkey lake sam lake road have a short. temperatures to get 4.9 seconds for the yellow light and now it is down to 4.4. opponents say even though it is if you chance of the 2nd committed difference. no word on how many drivers could be impacted by the yellow light times. orlando police are working to find out of band of the basic targeted more than 1000 businesses in downtown orlando. investigators say several stores along colonial drive had their windows shot out with a
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the owners of those tattoo shop's, skate shop, art gallery say the damages could set them back thousands of dollars. surveillance video was able to catch a car passing by a business as the windows were shot out. in less than 2 weeks, the new 12 story florida hospital for women will officially open in orlando. >> i called it a hotel by accident. >> hospital administrators held a ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday. some services being offered include advanced gynecology clinics for postpartum depression and even areas first milk depot where moms can donate breastmilk. there are bathrooms designed to make you feel like you're at a spot. the new hospital opens on january the new hospital opens on january 24. i don't think you are qualified to stay there. >> stay away. no baby yet since we're talking about babies.
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to be clear. >> temperatures this morning, a cold start, 43 downtown orlando. winds out of the north. light wind but enough to make it cooler. 30s and 40s and 50s around. away from the sensor palm coast, ken sent a message of 37 degrees reading in flagler county. location is evident. 30s in northern zones. 40s across i-4 with a few 50s making our way toward brevard county. 46 now and cold melbourne palm bay eau gallie through satellite each and you add a couple temperatures or take away a couple degrees from the temperatures and you factor in windchill it feels like 39 in clermont, 39 in union park in orlando. the chill is on. bundle up especially if you have to wait for the bus to work or school. overall looking good. a cool day, plenty of sunshine on the way, 58 lunchtime. altamonte springs, for city 62
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we will get cold when sun goes down. zooming through future track, staying on the dry side. scattered clouds. by midday, future track temperatures most of us on the 50s with a few 60s in brevard county and that will be the case by 5:00. flipping over 2 tomorrow morning. cold start, 30s and 40s and low 40s on the way and patchy frost again for tomorrow morning. mostly sunny, 63 today. 63 louisburg 65 in sanford white landing 65 saint cloud harmony and hold all. 30s tonight and most of us in the low 40s. 51 toward cocoa beach and northwestern tier patchy fog. we could see some developing a cold spots. protector plans to be on the safe side and don't forget about the pets. five-day forecast, the weekend
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tomorrow, 63 and 69 milder on thursday clouds increase and we get showers in the possibility of stronger storms on friday. we will monitor that. 74 friday is the next storm system and clipped by another system and that will drop temperatures into the 60s sunday. warming up friday and saturday and another system knocking is down another cool 2nd half of the week and moving in. 6:20 am. any problems with deneige? >> i-4, westbound, world dr., kissimmee. this crashes off to the side. double not block westbound commute if you are leaving in that direction. something we had and volusia county, there have been exit ramp i-95 southbound taylor road was closed off railroad work and volusia county but that is also open. you will not need an alternate there anymore. falling oil prices at the lowest level in 13 years and that could be more good news when it is time to buy gas for
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oil prices and strong refinery capacity could force prices down near the one dollar per gallon mark in some states. gas prices have not been met low since 1999. exposi prices will continue falling if saudi arabia keeps adding to a glut in an attempt to put u.s. oil producers out of business. people are buying powerball tickets hoping to get a share of that $1.4 billion jackpot. the new app that make sure the you do not lose track of the winning ticket. a boy trying to get ice cream was hit by a car and the driver never stopped. with the family things could have prevented the crash. high-tech way next. >> all right. how these drones are helping to
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6:24 am. 9 investigates claims by employees and in tort -- orlando international airport dangers fuel spills are common. an employee said division of fuel spilling from a fuel pit. the truck ran over the fuel pit while a plane was being gassed up.
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since we first aired the store yesterday employs a the airport will use flag 6 feet tall to better mark the fuel pits. one by trappers in brevard county use a new high-tech method to hunt down coyotes. using drones they are tracking animals to move them away from busy parks. the drones allowed trappers to check out parts of greece in park that cannot be gone to buy foot. hoping to find a coyote den to set up traps better. the animals have been seen roaming nearby neighbors said the city wants them relocated to a more rural part of brevard county. >> looking for the dance. you will see one moving and it is easy to recover -- cover more area yes it's a tricky situation. they are hard to catch anyway but i have called them before. >> is trappers have not caught the coyotes by tomorrow they plan to use another drone equipped with sensors watch the video and listen to the
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go to the video section of popular attraction on i- drive unveils an expansion project. new renderings show the improvements in store for fun spot, 6 more areas will be added to represent a different time period of american history they will be a roller coaster and water rides get the attraction did not say when the expansion with start only bad it would take place in the coming years. >> i hear it will be huge. spent lots know how to dial 911. safety changes for people who need help but cannot call dispatchers. >> reporter: a quick thinking ice cream truck driver help police find a car who hit a little boy in a neighborhood
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6:30 am. a live peek over downtown orlando. not a lot to look at but, gosh, an awful lot to feel. checking weather and traffic. deneige groom keeping an eye on the roads. >> liska to brian. opd will start coat and blanket drive at the police station. pull up to the front of the police station in an officer will be there donate a cold or blender for the homeless. >> they set it up so as you come to downtown before work drop it off next it is needed this morning. >> don't forget about the kids this morning. on the cold side. a look at seminole county now, low 40s, 42 lake marion, 83 altamonte springs. longwood, sweetwater area in the low to mid 40s. we take a look at the temperatures areawide. 34 in ocala, close to the freezing point. safely me saint cloud in
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olivia -- azalea park, or lando, winter garden. freeze warning marion flagler county near freezing for sure. all-time so monitor that in either way we have ross pictures. frost around. other than that looking good. we will have a lot of sun today did it is going to stay cool. we need a jacket this morning. you may want one later. union park elementary, at noon, 58, 2:00, 62. the highs today in the low 60s and a quick drop off again this evening that will set the stage for another cold night. tracking temperatures city by city. getting into the frost outlook tonight and then we have strong storms in the forecast. changes cover this half-hour. 6:31 am. how is a drive doing this morning with deneige? >> we don't have any problem spots but i can show you a couple of things here looking at i-4 westbound kissimmee, just at world drive. to have crash off to the side. no major issues at that point.
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getting through. at 430. like. traffic to the right is approaching orlando. no major issues just typical jamie? developing this morning, a little boy is recovering after police say a driver ran him down and kept going. this happened at -- as the 3- year-old was standing outside waiting for an ice cream truck and his winter garden neighborhood. eyewitness news this morning kimberly eiten is live on cypress street. it is not a very busy street at the boy's brother says the car came speeding at him. >> reporter: he says it was coming so fast they could not get out of the way. not just 3-year-old brother off of the street here in into the grass. thankfully this morning that little boy is doing okay. the young victim spent last night at the hospital and this morning police are still trying to find the person who put him there. skywitness 9 was overhead as
6:27 am
for a hit-and-run driver. 3-year-old daniel monsalve always brother says the driver slammed into daniel as he was standing outside and ice cream truck in their neighborhood. >> the car was coming fast and hit my brother. the headlight on the car on the corner it flew through the grass. >> the board's cousin says he should be okay. >> i was scared something worse happened. >> while he recovers his family and police want answers. officers found the driver's car ditched at an elks lodge 1 mile away. he was nowhere to be found. daniels family says they think all of this could have been prevented with speed bumps on their streets. to keep drivers from racing through the neighborhood where so many kids live in play. this morning i asked police about an update on the search
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when i hear back we will update and winter garden, kimberly developing this morning investigators in jacksonville say a believe the search for a missing toddler is over. the prime suspect in the boy's remains. essay assay rubin ebron the faces charges in lonzie barton's disappearance led them to a new location in the city's south side. ab ron was the poison of the toddlers mother. he was taken south than previous searches. >> justice is sometimes slow and sometimes piece by piece. today is another piece of the justice we have. >> investigators expect to file new charges but are waiting for results from the medical examiner's office. to a developing story about a secret meeting between american actor sean penn and if ms drug lord el chapo guzman that led to his capture. mexican soap opera star helped
6:29 am
chapo and penn but the authorities were tracking the actors movements when he got to the country which led them to the hideout. guzman allegedly wanted castillo and penn to create a biopic about his life . >> the narco is back in the same super max prison he escaped from the 4 but this time it has been fortified. he will be extradited to the u.s. ultimately but that could take over one year. orange county man facing charges after deputies say he stole nearly $90,000 out of in a tentative the ticket is believed new year's day an armored car employee filled the atm at the bank of america on his colonial with $20 bills and then forgot to lock it up. they say the same day, 20-year- old eric provost noticed it was open and came back to take the money. they do not believe the armored car employee was involved city officials have decided to hold off on a decision of
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just before midnight, city council members agreed to get the project the 2nd reading so they could discuss it more and get public input. there are plans in the works to take out the city's large -- last orange grove to put in a retail shopping plaza. part of that plan includes dot building, retention pond, and road that would take up more than 3 acres of lake charities wetlands. another meeting set for january 25. we will be taught to orlando city officials as morning to find out if commissioners approved a proposal to turn a tennis court orlando city foundation received a grant and donor funding to pay for the project take it will turn a tennis court in higgins park to a soccer pitch for proponents a if approved, children will be able to get free soccer weapons and drug paraphernalia found in orange county high school twice in one yesterday the principal of timber creek high school sent a voice message to parents letting them know deputies
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paraphernalia in a student's car. no students were threatened in school went on as normal. friday a student card with similar things in their car. florida senator proposes a new bill preventing refugees and immigrants from getting into the state. public of wilton simpson who represents hernando pasco and sumter county's filed the bill. is not mention specific countries but it does proposal locking immigrants and refugees from or near an area where violent acts of war originate. the bill will be discussed during legislative sessions was starts today. state lawmakers will also discuss a bill that would protect fantasy sports businesses from being considered illegal gambling. number 2 statements including ritch workman over melbourne possible that includes translations the make it clear the games would not be subject of lotus gambling laws. this comes as officials in nevada, new york and illinois have tried to shut down websites like fanduel and draftkings calling them illegal forms of gambling. orlando mayor buddy dyer the longest serving mayor.
6:32 am
for performing arts year -- yesterday when he was wanted for the 4th time. he won reelection with more than 60 percent of the votes in november. the mayor says he is many goals for the city but the main goal is to end homelessness. city commissioners toady your teeth patty sheehan and settings were sworn in. lake county wants to help residents who may find themselves in an emergency pit officials are working on an upgrade to the 911 system that would allow you not only to call dispatchers but also the text, send photos and videos and even video shot. the county recently got more than $1000 grant to replace old equipment to the county says the new system should be installed by the end of the year. 6:38 am. checking weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> serge kovaleski brian shields and severe weather center 9. you need some chocolate milk? >> frost on the cars. send in pictures and temperatures on twitter and facebook. will pass them on television.
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winter park as you get to fulfill, 41 colonial town orlando 4642 what about stoneybrook west through independence and 41 apopka in sellwood. the chill with us. it is called longwood lake mary low to mid 40s covering you overlord late bernie seminole county impacted volusia county edgewater pelican cove daytona beach low 40s. dipping to about 38 in pearson, 40 deland. through the day a lot of sun, staying cool like yesterday highs around 63 in more patchy frost especially north and west of i 4, tonight. the chill tonight, strong storms in the outlook. 6:40 am deneige. for away, no issues eastbound or westbound. traffic heading toward downtown orlando no issues but that show you drive times. i have not spotted issues on any camera so you should be looking good regardless of which direction you are heading this morning.
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county to get into downtown orlando on the 408, 27 minutes i 4, turnpike into downtown orlando, 7 minutes. 408 westbound from alabama to downtown, 12 minutes and coming into orlando from lake county, 37 minutes. crooks target parents with accruals graham.
6:35 am
6:43 am. 50s want to find a group of armed suspects who force their
6:36 am
last night broken upon circle near claracona-ocoee road. >> a car. women making calls to deputies to find out whether they have recovered a car or if it is at least helping them to track down the suspects. right now we know they stole the car from a home on broken pine circle who deputies say night. 3 people at the home when this happened one of them was hurt during the home invasion. be on that we are working to get a lot of answers from deputies. we are asking whether the victims know the suspects or if investigators believe the victims or -- were targeted. working to find out what kind of car was taken, make or model that we can pass on to you to also be on the lookout for. as soon as we get the information, we will update you here on the air and on our free wftv news app go. in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning.
6:37 am
of opening fire on law enforcement officers will remain in jail on no bond. michael taylor allegedly fired and officers nearly 10 hour standoff last week at the coral gardens apartment complex. police were originally called on a domestic violence completed tale released from the hospital on sunday and booked into the brevard county jail and is charged with 23 counts of attempted murder a law enforcement officer. city of oak hill they get to keep his only doctor we told you last week doctor james byrne sees hundreds of patients with given until the end of the month to leave the property of us 1. that would force many patients on medicaid to go out of town. county leaders are saying they are discussing plans to prevent that from happening. brevard county officials will now have to decide whether or not to change a law put in place to keep manatees safe. 10 years ago, brevard county adopted the florida manatee sanctuary act to protect
6:38 am
discuss whether to ask state lawmakers to update it and include new scientific data and rules that would improve the health of the animals in the indian river lagoon. ringling bros. and barnum & bailey circus will stop using elephants in their shows earlier than planned after increase pressure from the public in may the elephants will have their last show when year and half earlier than planned. the elephants will still be coming to central florida. this time, it is to retire to the center for elephant conservation and polk county did the center is already home to 30 retired elephants from the circus. >> moving to florida. >> everybody returns to florida. >> they have to pack their trunks.. >> moving on. >> that was pretty good. >> 4 central florida landmarks listed on the national register of historic places. >> the mike davis house and hasty cottage in ponce inlet made the list as an example of early settlements in the state.
6:39 am
built in 1883 home to a man who helped to bring electricity to fruitland park is on the list in the 50 foot tall pyramid kissimmee donated made it. 6:46 am. perfect morning for the warmers in the car. i don't know if that's a technical name. >> i don't have that. >> you don't have but warmers in your car? >> i don't have your paycheck. [laughter] lake yolo, you will start in a cold start. >> reporter: lake yolo, winds out of the north 6 miles an hour. there are temperatures. >> 30s and 40s in the 50s around that i have reading in the 30s and palm coast away from the sensor showing 52. 44 now in sanford, 46 degrees through kissimmee, st. cloud, harmony. 42 clermont and groveland.
6:40 am
enough to get extra bite to the temperature 39 deland 37 the villages. a slight windchill this morning. looking good. are so do a picture outside a lot of sunshine if you're working outside but it stays cool like yesterday. 57 at noon and this afternoon volvo park, arman park, temperatures in the low 60s and toward winter park in the pines, a coolish afternoon will be with us. future track, 12-the evening. when you see tom terry, scattered showers -- clouds. tracking temperatures, big story. 1:00, 50s with a few 60s around and we get into the evening, 5:00, most in the 50s at that point. in the morning, we will have low 40s around with 30s as well. another morning with more of that patchy frost. protector plans and watch out for your pets. remaining cool today and a lot of sunshine, 63, low 60s northern tier, mid 60s in the southern sections.
6:41 am
30s and most of us on the low 40s and north and west of i 4, best chance of frost but we know typical cold spots osceola in britain -- in the brevard, watch for the plants. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view look at the changes. 69 on thursday. ahead of the next system, we will warm up some but beautiful day. clouds will increase thursday and a chance for rain as soon as thursday night into friday. we could see the possibility of stronger storms on friday. it depends on the timing of the system. we will fine too bad as we get close. 40s away but a better chance of rain and storms on friday and another system clips us by into saturday. saturday night and we get cooler again so we have some 70s friday and saturday. look at sunday, just as we warm up, we will drop back again sunday high is around 64. going on 6:50 am. flashing lights. here is deneige.
6:42 am
technical word is seat warmers. >> i do not have them. >> the only thing popping up on the campus, i 4 westbound world drive i 4 westbound world dr., kissimmee, this crashes off to the side so was bound traffic will be able to travel through there. no major issues or something pops up i will let you know. traffic traffic is driven by toyota of orlando and the all new toyota of clermont. . one of the 2 minutes about how homeowners can sell back power generated from solar panels will not be on the ballot. floridians for solar choice group wanted businesses to be able to generate solar power and sell it to individual customers. the group will now have to wait a few more years after failing to get signatures they need. a second amendment sacked by power companies allowed individuals rights to generate their own power and sell the power the amendment is still gathering signatures for a february 1 deadline. as we have talking about the coldest night of the season, what you can do this morning to make sure everyone has a jacket or blanket they
6:43 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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6:53 am. hit-and-run driver who left a 3- year-old victim on the side of the street is still out there this might be the driver ran into a little boy last night while just standing outside waiting for an ice cream truck. eyewitness news this morning kimberly eiten is live on cypress street where the boy's family says he is recovering. >> reporter: jamie, they tell us the 3-year-old was just outside his house here in this winter garden neighborhood. he was trying to buy ice cream from an ice cream truck when a driver hit him hard enough to knock him off the street. we are told the driver just kept going. police say they tracked down the man's car about 1 mile away lodge. they are searching for the person who they say hit 3-year- old daniel monsalve a. his family says he should be okay but both they and police want
6:45 am
this morning where asking if officers got any new leads when they found the car involved in the crash and why the person responsible to golf. live in winter garden, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. overnight, berks county deputies looking for 2 people who stolen atm while wearing unique jackets. look at the suspects. they were wearing that, the character that blue jackets. deputies say they broke into a business along the parkway thursday stealing atms before ditching the machine in the parking lot and taking off if they were being stop by a white chevy taco -- tahoe. lawmakers in tallahassee this morning to start the 2016 legislative session. republicans and democrats expected face-off again over issues like gun control, gambling and tax cuts. last year lawmakers did not pass the state budget until after multiple special sessions and the threat of a government shutdown. >> some of the world's richest people invest in the new cancer test.
6:46 am
jeff diesels have led a $1 million round of funding for coveney called grail developing a blood test detecting many kinds of cancer by scanning the bloodstreams of patients were signs of cancer dna. grail claims the task will cost $1000 or less and available by 2019. a new bill regarding e- cigarette has just been passed in washington to help prevent children from getting nicotine poisoning. last year more than 3000 people reported e-cigarette and liquid nicotine poisonings. more than half of those cases in 2014 were children under the age of 13. the new bill will require childproof packaging on alternative tobacco products. alabama crimson tide are national champions. >> vanessa echols reminds us daily this is the 4th time they have won national championship in 7 seasons.
6:47 am
cheering as they went cold the champ issue. tigers came in undefeated and ranked number one. fans celebrated in alabama, tuscaloosa police kept an eye on the grounds to make sure the party did not get while did the final score 45-40. orlando city -- trading in his uniform for a tuxedo. he was in switzerland. the 5th time the superstar from argentina has won the chirpy. he won the award in 2007. >> he looks good in a tux. >> at the same awards banquet got an american woman took on player of the year honors carli lloyd won the honor scoring a hat trick of the world club -- workup the 3rd american to win the award joining abby wambach. yes government is saying nichols of pennies are costing them more to make than they are worth if the government accountability office says it costs about 1.7 cents to make
6:48 am
about $.08 to make a $.05 nickel. the government blames rising prices but says lawmakers are the ones who will need to decide of changes should be made to bring down the costs. the record powerball jackpot $1.4 billion expected to grow even larger before the next one. >> it has shattered records to claim the title world's largest jackpot. we went to a store where they had sold $12,000 for the powerball tickets since saturday's drawing. no one has been able to match all 6 numbers but 5 people have won $1 million each by getting 5 numbers. i have been close. i got 3 numbers, to numbers. i'm getting there. >> good luck we will have the winning numbers tomorrow night on eyewitness news at 11:00. a new app wants to make sure you do not miss out on any winnings. every year about $2 billion in
6:49 am
so the app lotto lotto will tell you if you have a winning ticket, big or small. another app to download is lottery hub, the official app of the mega millions and powerball game's. the coldest morning of the season and you can help make sure everyone has what they need to stay warm. already this morning, people have started donating blankets, coats at opd headquarters on south already this morning, people have started donating blankets, coats at opd headquarters on s. hughey avenue. until 9 am, you will be able to pull up in front of the building. a live shot right now. police officer is collecting the blankets and coats from your car. they made it easy for you. the officers will hand them out to so many people in the community in need. >> important especially this morning. >> weather and traffic every ten minutes. it is surely. 30s and 40s this morning. bundle up sure. through the day 63 in cold again tonight. chance for storms on the way friday. have a great day.
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jumpers on scene of 2 crashes at amazonas circle
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